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Cat and Kitten Training

kitten and cat scratching and litter training

Good news – Cat training and kitten training is possible! From litter training to cat scratching and biting all the way to the risks and costs of declawing cats, is your free resource on how to train your cat.

Training your new pet or to re train your cat / kitten is an integral part of them becoming a member of your family – and ensuring your home remains in the same state as when he/she arrived.

We hope to shine light on some general characteristics of cats and turn that into actionable steps you can take to train your cat or kitten.  Cat behavior is sometimes tricky, and not all kittens are created equal!

The purpose of cat training is not to lose an integral part of your cat’s character – but to simply iron out any unfavored behavioral traits such as cat spraying, biting, scratching and more.

There are plenty of cat tips and tricks that you can use to teach your cat what to and not to do.

The best part of this website: the ideas, tips, and tricks come from YOU!  Maybe you know a cool way to litter train your cat, and someone across the water has owned several cats so they know general cat and kitten care tips — is where they meet to share their stories and ideas!

Don’t forget, cat’s used to be wild animals, so it’s in their blood to scratch, bite, and hunt for their food.  Although this is a “natural” cat behavior, part of their psychology if you will, it is still not desired by you, the owner.

We hope that our site provides all the answers that you seek and more on cat and kitten training. However unless you own a Siamese or similar breed please don’t expect to find training to teach your pet to play dead or beg (although to train to fetch is possible).

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