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Cat Biting is Natural

Remember, domestic cats are decedents of wild animals who had to kill their next meal with a bite!  Cat biting is natural, because it’s in their blood to fight for their food.  Their only weapons are their nails and their teeth!

Have you ever noticed how cats are very paranoid animals?  They startle very easily and are scared of new things and places.  This is because their ancient ancestors lived in the wild jungle, where you never knew what was out there hunting you.

So when you get a cat bite, it could be for one of two reasons:

Reasons a Cat Bites

1.  The cat thinks you are a threat, so it defends itself with a bite.  Cats have an interesting sense of “fight or flight” – sometimes they run away, and sometimes they attack or stand their ground and defend what they believe in, and that’s when you see your cat biting.

2.  The cat could just be playing.  Believe it or not, cats have come a long way from the wild.  Domesticated cats are often playful, and will nibble on your hand if they want to play.

So when a cat bites, it is either because they are feeling defensive or playing around.  It’s up to you to recognize which is which with your cat so you can act accordingly.

Is the Cat Biting in Defense?

One way to tell if the cat is feeling defensive is by looking at its eyes.  If the pupil is heavily dilated (the black part of the eye in the middle is really big, taking up most of the eye), the cat might be biting out of fear or defensively.

Another way to tell is if the bite follows with some heavy cat scratching.  If your cat is deliberately coming after you and attacking you with claws out and teeth sharp, then it is probably in fight mode.

Is the Cate Bite Part of Playtime?

Unfortunately, it is sometimes tough to tell the difference between a bite that is playful and one that is aggressive.  But in general, if your cat is nibbling your hand, not biting down trying to break skin, then it is probably playing around.

As long as the cat is not deliberately attacking you, then the bite is probably a playful one.   Another way to tell is if the cat is running around the house and jumping on furniture.  This is often a sign of playful behavior.

Some people believe that there’s a correlation between cat declawing and biting. Although we believe that declawing cats cost far too much to recommend it (both in terms of money and your feline’s feelings), there is very little evidence that declawing causes cats to bite.

I will try to get a video of my cat biting me in both his playful and angry states, just so you can clearly tell the difference.

Also, a cat bite can be dangerous!  If their teeth breaks your skin, wash your hands immediately!

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Check back to this page as I will be adding methods, tips, and tricks that will help you prevent and stop your cat from biting!

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