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Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

March 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm | Cat Care Tips | 1 comment

One way to prevent bad scratching is cat trees that look like treesDoes your cat refuse to stop scratching up your house? One solution is cat trees that look like trees.

First thing’s first: Your cat needs to scratch. It’s instinctual. In the wild, cats need to scratch to sharpen their claws, and scratching has become an evolutionary necessity.

So there are no illusions. You will never get your cat to stop scratching because cats need to scratch. You can, however, give your cat a better place to scratch.

Scratching posts are a great start. You can even make your own cat scratcher.

If the cat scratcher doesn’t work, cat trees could be a good investment.

Cat trees are basically scratching posts on steroids. Some of them are large, scratch-able structures. Others are essentially cat habitats.

Just one problem: Your cat tree may not be any more appealing to your feline than his scratcher. For this reason, you may be better off investing in cat trees that look like trees.

These are basically large, tree-like habitats that give your kitty plenty of room to roam and scratch and play. Although these often come with a heavy price tag, it could be the best way to get your cat’s nails off your furniture. It’s similar to what cats have encountered in the wild for centuries, so it’s easier for our feline friends to learn.

Where To Find Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Various sellers, including CatsPlay, Hidden Hollow, and Cat Palace offer tree-like cat trees.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There’s no guarantee that this will solve your cat’s scratching problems. If you haven’t already tried scratching posts or clicker training, you should give it a try first.
  • After getting a cat tree, make sure you remove your old scratching posts from the house. You don’t want to confuse the cat!
  • Try to remember to reward your cat for using the cat tree instead of scratching your furniture.

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One response to “Cat Trees That Look Like Trees”

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