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Cat Trick Video – Opening the door

October 11, 2009 at 7:08 pm | Cat Care Tips | No comments yet, be the first!

I realized that Meows can open the door to my room from both in and outside, so I took this cat trick video to prove it…

The two videos below are of Meows, my cat, opening a door:

Want to know how to taught Meows this trick of opening the door?  I will try to explain in as much detail as possible…

He isn’t the smartest cat in the world, but he does have the ability to learn.  But in order to learn, he needs to know there is something in it for him.

That’s why I carry some healthy cat treats in my pocket when I want to teach my cat a trick.  Giving your cat a treat when it does what you want is the best way to train your cat.

Teaching the Cat to Open a Door

First off, make sure your cat has a toy they it plays with often.

Make sure your cat is near by, grab it and put it outside of your room if you need to.  Close the training door but don’t latch it (make sure the door can be opened by a gentle push).

Then, lure it to the door by putting its favorite toy under the door so it can see it.  It wants to play with the toy, and in doing so, it should bump into the door and open it.

As soon as the door opens, move back a little and let the cat come inside.  Give it a treat as a reward and let it continue to play with its toy.

Repeat this several times – take a cat trick video of your own! … oh yeah! …

… also, try multiple times in a row.  After a successful attempt, repeat the training but don’t show the whole (or any of) the toy under the door.  Instead, just move the toy near the door to produce a shadow (and call your cats name too!).  Don’t forget the give the cat its reward treat 🙂

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