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How To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

June 28, 2010 at 7:03 pm | Cat Care Tips | No comments yet, be the first!

You want to know how to keep your cat off the counter?  That’s easy! – Read on for a couple tricks that have worked for others in the past! (Jump to the answer)

Why Does Your Cat Get On The Counter?

First and foremost, let’s figure out why the cat would want to jump up on the counter:

Is it because:

  • That’s where you keep its toys?
  • There is some delicious food to be had
  • Your cat likes to drink from the sink faucet (ours does!)
  • To look down upon you (cat’s like high ground)

By understanding WHY your cat is jumping up onto the counter, you can more easily find the solution.

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

So now you know why your cat is getting up on your kitchen (or other) counter… how do you solve it?

Go to the source!

If you keep its toys up there, put them on the ground.

If you keep its food up on a counter, put it on the ground (be careful, cat’s have been known to scratch their way into bags of food)

Sometimes it’s that simple.. but here are some ideas that others have had success with:

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Off The Counter

There are a few simple tricks for how to keep your cat off the counter.

Try these out for yourself, then come back and let us know if they worked:

  • Put aluminum foil where your cat likes to jump most – Cats don’t like the crumpling or crinkling noise that aluminum foil makes.
    Therefore, if you place some at the edge of the counter that the cats like to jump on the most – It will encounter the aluminum foil and be scared away.
    Don’t forget to replace the foil as it make take several attempts for the cat to learn that jumping on kitchen counter = weird noise that I don’t like
  • Fill up the trusty water bottle – You’ve heard this one before … esentially, you want to spray your cat with water AS SOON AS it jumps up on the counter (very important that you spray it immediately as it jumps on the counter because that’s the only way it’s going to learn and make the association).
  • Put your cat in time out – seriously.. click on that link to read how to do this (it’s not hard)

Have you tried all those methods? Did you make sure to keep up with it and inform your family to do the same?

If one person in the household is allowing the bad behavior, it will persist and your cat will not be trained.

Hope you learned how to keep your cat off the counter… check this out if you need to know how to stop your cat from hissing and biting.

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