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How To Make A Cat Scratcher

Follow the following directions to learn how to make a cat scratcher.

Cat scratching can be a real problem in a household. Many people turn to declawing cats, but we strongly advise against it. Creating the right cat scratcher can save you an enormous amount of money – protecting your carpet, furniture, and humanly parts!

Click here to learn more about cat scratching and why cats use those nails (this page also tells you how to prevent it).

If you followed the directions to prevent you cat from scratching – congratulations! You’re a fantastic cat trainer. But if you are still having some problems, don’t worry; cats are natural hunters and have claws for reasons.

Having the right devices could dramatically help you.

What Type Of Scratcher Should I Make?

I recommend making a wall cat scratcher. This helps build necessary cat muscle and cat agility – making your cat more prepared for the wild. Additionally, the wall cat scratcher takes up less space and is easier to clean – perfect for people that live in apartments.

Horizontal cat scratchers take up more space, but are easier to build. I will be showing you how to create a wall cat scratcher. If you are interested in creating a horizontal apparatus, click here to read this article.

Making The Scratcher

This is what you will be creating.

If you wish to purchase this item for $56.95 click here to order the item.

But if you want to connect with your cat, and save some money – follow these steps.

Below is a list of materials that you will need to learn how to make a cat scratcher:

  • An unfinished-wooden picture frame. I recommend 2 in. Wide 8.5 x 11. Click here to buy it.
  • A .5 inch thick 10 x 12 inches piece of cardboard (Use a cardboard box)
  • A 8.5 x 11 piece of low-pile carpet (go ask for a sample from your nearest carpet store)
  • Hot Glue
  • Manual Staple Gun
  • 4 Wood Screws
  • Electric Screw driver
  • Cat Nip
  • Hammer


  1. Place hot glue on the cardboard piece and center the piece of carpet in the middle of the cardboard. Hold for about a minute until the piece of carpet is firmly connected to the cardboard piece.
  2. For extra support (those strong cats), staple the edge of the carpet to the cardboard.
  3. Connect the cardboard piece to the picture frame. The carpet should be where a picture would normally be. Make sure everything aligns.
  4. When viewing the apparatus from the backside, staple the cardboard piece to the picture frame. If this doesn’t work for you, you might want to try wood nails or wood screws. Use a hammer to make sure the staples are flush with the cardboard box.
  5. Find a wall where you can attach the wall cat scratcher. Remember, you want your cat to create it, so don’t place it to high! Use a level to make sure your cat scratcher will be straight on the wall. Using the electric power screw gun, screw the cat scratcher to the wall (one screw for each corner).
  6. Rub some cap nip onto the scratcher and show your cat where it is. Your cat will love their new toy.

Having the right cat scratcher could save your furniture.

Please contact me if you have any questions when creating this scratcher.

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