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How To Stop A Cat From Peeing In The House Or On The Carpet

July 13, 2010 at 10:48 am | Cat Care Tips | 1 comment

If your cat is peeing in your house, on your carpet – you might want to know how to stop a cat from peeing in the house.

It’s Not Medical, Is It?

First things first, make sure your cat is in “good working order” —

OK – cat’s aren’t machines, but seriously, make sure your cat is healthy and doesn’t have any serious conditions.

cat peeing in the litter box - not the house carpet

The most common cause of cats peeing in the house of on the carpet is because they can’t hold their bladder… maybe your cats not using the litter box because it can’t hold it!

For instance, in medium to larger, female-spayed cats who are a little older, there is a common form of incontinence (which means lack of self control) called: “primary sphincter mechanism” incontinence.

What does that mean? – Basically that the cat cannot control it’s bladder, or more specifically, it’s sphincter (where it pee’s from).

So check with your vet first, to make sure the problem isn’t medically related.

Does Your Cat Hate It’s Litter?

Behind incontinence, this is the second most common reason for cats peeing in the house or on your carpet.  If you want to learn how to stop your cat from peeing in the house or on the carpet, you have to learn what it thinks about it’s litter.

It could be the box – OR – it could be the litter itself.

There are many different kinds of litter out there… everything from granular with no scent to thick clumps that are scented with grass.

Try a couple of the following ideas:

  • Place multiple litter boxes around the house, especially in the areas where your cat is peeing (especially if it’s on the carpet)
  • Use different types of litter (basically testing to see which one is preferred by your cat)
  • Give the cat positive reinforcement to get the cat to use the litter box

Once your cat has used the litter box, make sure:

  • To keep the litter box in the same place that your cat used it for at least 4 weeks
  • Use that same litter in the other litter boxes – in hopes that it starts using the litter box in the area of house that you desire
  • If your cat is only using the litter box that was on the carpet, move it 1 foot every 2 days until it’s in the right place (the place in your house that you want your cat to use it)

Do You Have Multiple Cats?

Can’t figure out which one is peeing on the carpet?

Your vet can provide a product that stains the cat’s urine with a color that can be seen with an ultraviolet light – just a little technology and you’re a trained cat detective!

Other Causes Of Cat Peeing In The House

To successfully stop a cat from peeing in the house or on the carpet, look at the following questions as they might reveal some insight to what’s going through your cat’s mind.

  • Is there a new cat in your home? Maybe a dog?
  • Is there a new baby in your house?

Cats need a lot of attention (fact).  They are very jealous animals and will show you so by changing it’s behavior very quickly – and sometimes will let you know by meowing at night.  Make sure you’re giving your cat a lot of attention by petting it, feeding it and playing with it regularly, as well as giving it a treat every once in a while.

  • Did you move the litter box?
  • Did you move recently?
  • Are you trying to introduce a new type of litter?
  • Is the litter box clean?

Cats don’t do too well with change.  They like normal routines and fall into habits very easily.  Therefore, try not to change too many variables or your cat will turn around and let you know it’s not happy about it.

The two main reasons your cat is peeing on the carpet in the house either because it’s a medical condition or because it doesn’t like the litter.   It could be something else such as not reacting well to change, but that is rare.  Try the tips mentioned in this article and come back to let me know if they helped.

I hope you learned how to stop a cat from peeing in the house – meow!

One response to “How To Stop A Cat From Peeing In The House Or On The Carpet”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I havent tried any of the foolish cures yet, but today one of them peed on the bra that I put on! Needless to say I have to figure something out. Today I will change the litter AGAIN… And put anything citrus in there also…I’ll keep you posted.

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