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Litter Training Cat and Kitten

Litter Training Cats and Kittens
Have you ever wondered how to litter train? Litter Training cats is not very difficult at all! In fact, almost all cats WANT to use their litter box!

Kittens actually learn to use the litter tray as their toilet from their mothers! That’s right – just like humans – a cats bathroom training comes from its parents.

But, if your cat or kitten has forgotten their litter training, or it was taken from its parents at an early age – then follow the following cat litter training tips:

  • The first time you bring your kitten / cat home – place the cat in the litter box and move its paws through the litter.  It should quickly understand.
  • LITTER TRAINING TIP: Put your cat or kitten in the litter box immediately after it has woken up or eaten — those are usually times when they need to go, so they will learn to go in the litter tray (:
  • If the cat has been using a certain type or brand of litter, it’s a good idea to stick to that type.  You can mix different litters and slowly change it up.
  • Cats usually prefer finer grained litters – this is not always the case, but it only takes a day to find out if your cat is happy with its litter.
  • LITTER BOXES FOR MORE THAN ONE CAT?: The more cats you have, the more often you need to clean the litter tray.  Cats don’t like to do their business in a dirty box, especially if the mess was left by another cat.  Clean the box often OR have multiple boxes to resolve any issuse with multiple cats.
  • Oops – my cat didn’t use the litter box! – it’s OK… if your kitten doesn’t use the litter box one or more times, just clean up their “present” with a tissue or towel and place it in the cat’s litter! – This can help teach it where to do it’s business next time
  • Much like humans – cats don’t like to be watched when they are going to the bathroom.  Don’t put the litter box in a public area (they usually smell anyway), and don’t follow your cat to its litter box (it’s not like it’s a pleasent site to see).
  • Have an outdoor cat and WANT YOUR CAT TO DO ITS POOPING OUTSIDE?  Don’t put the cat litter outside! — Instead, mix some soil or dirt from near your house into its litter.  They should soon learn that they can do their business while outside.
  • DO NOT PUNISH YOUR CAT if it doesn’t use its litter tray!  This only makes it worse.  Instead, follow the cat litter training tips above and praise your kitten when he/she gets it right!
  • Don’t want cat litter in your house at all? — there is a such thing as TOILET TRAINING CATS – more on this coming soon…

Is your cat not using litter box?

Did you get your cat declawed recently? Although many experts disagree, some cat training experts believe that cat declawing can result in litter “accidents.”

There are professionals who specialize in litter training – but only use them as a last resort.  Remember, cats are clean animals, and they enjoy keeping clean, so training your cat or kitten to use its litter shouldn’t be very difficult (they will want to use it themselves).

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