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Litter Training Cat – Some Tips And Pitfalls To Avoid

October 9, 2009 at 10:11 am | Cat Care Tips | 1 comment

When it comes to litter training cat and kitten are two (almost) completely different animals (no pun intended).

I will soon write about litter training adult cats, but the rest of this page is going to focus on litter training younger cats and kittens.

The most common reasons that people have trouble litter training cat are 1) the cat feels uncomfortable for one of several reasons (more on this below), or 2) the litter box is too dirty!

This second reasons surprises most cat owners, but the truth is that cats are actually very clean animals (especially compared to dogs!).

Litter Box Cleanliness 101

You may not realize how dirty the litter box can actually get. Cleaning the litter daily, rinsing it with fresh water and lemon juice is ideal, and will definitely help your cat befriend the litter box.

Daily cleaning can be a pretty tall order. If you can’t get to clean the litter daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly is much better than nothing.

Where Do You Keep The Litter?

The physical location of the litter box also plays a part in litter training cat. You should place the litter in a clean area and away from the cats eating and sleeping areas. Think about if from the cat’s point of view, would you want to go to the bathroom where you eat and sleep?

Of course not.

Also, don’t overlook the actual accessibility of the litter box. If your cat has a favorite spot, why not add a box there? Having multiple litters can only help your cat learn to use the litter box properly.

Why Your Cat’s Not Using The Box

The main reason that litter training cat is difficult is because your cat is not comfortable using the litter box. This could be for a number of reasons.

Change in everyday routines. Constantly changing schedules and a lack of predictability can cause your cat to get stressed out. This leads to house soiling. Try accompanying your cat for a few sessions and sticking to a normal feeding schedule.

Other cats. Felines in general are very territorial and if there are a bunch of other cats around, it can cause your cat to pee around the house as a way to mark their territory. Try isolating your cats and their boxes in separate rooms for a while until they get used to eachother.

New stuff. Again, back to the territorial thing. If you bring in a brand new piece of furniture that the cat has never seen before, they’re going to want to mark it, usually with a “spray”.

Medical issues. There are several types of diseases that could make it difficult for you to litter train cat. One of the most common is a urinary tract infection. For more information on this, consult your veterinarian.

Believe me, I know, having a cat that’s not litter trained can be frustrating. But the fact is that cats naturally like to use a litter box. It’s their genetic tendency. Even if your not having any luck right now, don’t give up! Success will come.

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