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Smells Cats Hate [Infographic]

April 15, 2011 at 11:44 am | Cat Care Tips | 9 comments

Cats are a lot like us. They try to behave in ways that maximize things that they want (like rewards, treats, affection, etc.) and minimize things they want to avoid.

Just like us, cats tend to be repulsed by certain odors. Some things just stink, and cats may respond to unpleasant smells by meowing excessively or misbehaving. If you know what smells cats hate, you can try to make your cat happier by eliminating those stenches.

There are various smells that felines intensely dislike, and the infographic below gives an overview of those smells, along with some interesting facts about the feline sense of smell.

Click image for full-size version:

Smells that cats hate [infographic]

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9 responses to “Smells Cats Hate [Infographic]”

  1. I cannot understand why cats hate the smell of bananas, the others I can understand except for this. Is there a scientific reason why cats hate the smell of bananas?
    Gloria @ Cat Scratchers recently posted..Choosing the Best Scratcher for your Cat

  2. caroline says:

    My cat really hates banana’s.

  3. Dilline says:

    Hi. Im from south africa and need a tip for cats not scratch my leather couches. They dont declaw cats in SA?

  4. Cat Lova says:

    Hi Diline, the two things I would suggest are covering the couch with plastic and spraying the cat with water when he/she is in the act of scratching the couch.

    The plastic will not allow the cat to put its claws in the couch, which defeats the pleasure and purpose of scratching it.

    Spraying the cat with water will teach it that scratching or going near that couch results in an unpleasant experience.

    I really hope this helps!

  5. Steph says:

    Hi Diline, I would never ever recommend declawing a cat- it is the equivalent of removing the last knuckle of each of your fingers and can cause long term problems.

    Maybe you could train your cats to use their own scratching post- play with them near to the post to get them used to it and make a fuss of them if they show interest in using it.

  6. This is really interesting and the graphic to go with it is great. Cats are so fascinating and they continue to amaze me. I was unaware that cats were so sensitive to smell. Thanks for bringing us this great information!

  7. lisa says:

    i have a male cat who has just started to poop everywhere except in the litter box he mainly has been going to the bathroom in my bedroom , sometimes on my bed i also have a female cat they have both shared the litter box since i got both of them the litter box is always clean so please help me figure this out because i love him and my husband says its time for my cat to go…

  8. Gubank Forpimboliter says:

    Cats Hate Mothballs!

  9. Jay Tee says:

    Cats might hate the smell of pepper, but if they get it in their eyes they have been known to claw them raw, or out. Dunno why folks suggest to use pepper to deter a cat, unless they hate cats.

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