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What A Causes Cat to Purr – Head Scratching!

September 27, 2009 at 12:40 pm | Cat Care Tips | 1 comment

It’s always nice to hear a purring cat because you know they’re happy when they purr.  What causes cat to purr?  I know for mine, scratching his head always works.

Check out this video I took of Meows (my cat’s name) – listen closely for his heavy purring.

As you can see, this guy loves to have his head petted or scratched.

His purring is really loud and heavy, his eyes closed and his paws are curled up.  Sometimes, he will even shake because the petting feels so good.

Have a loud purring cat is nice because you know your cat likes you when its purring.  They share their love by rubbing the sides of their head on your hands and legs.

What causes a cat to purr? – For mine, it’s all about the head scratching.

One of my friends has a cat who will purr louder than you’ve ever heard when you give him wet food.   The cat usually gets boring dry food, but when he sees you’re giving him any sort of wet food out of a can, he will be the loudest purring cat ever!

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One response to “What A Causes Cat to Purr – Head Scratching!”

  1. I love to listen the purring of cats, it assures me that my cat likes what I am doing to her. This is also a good way to bond with your cat.
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